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"If you think you are safe from ransomware attacks, think again. Too many dentists we know have been through shutdowns, stress, and huge costs. Many of them were working with a tech company and thought they were protected. Don't wait until it's too late - contact The Digital Dentist Today and feel secure tomorrow!" - The Madow Brothers 

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The Best in HIPPA Compliance! Proper HIPPA compliance is one of the most confusing and aggravating issues in running a dental practice. And it seems like the rules are constantly changing. Being in violation could open you up to fines, shutdowns, and unnecessary lawsuits. Why take a chance? Contact The Digital Dentist for your free evaluation today!


"The Digital Dentist keeps us up and running at all times, and are always available for support"

— Dr. Jeffrey Rein
Williston Park, NY

"I have a friend whose dental practice network was hacked, and the HIPPA ramifications cost him over $100,000 to correct. We have confidence we're protected with Digital Dentist."

— Dr. Linda Molee
Freehold, NJ

"Since I have been with The Digital Dentist, my high tech practice has never had a service interruption. My only regret is that I didn't listen to my friend and switch over a year earlier than I did."

Dr. Cynthia Graves
Austin, TX

"I would absolutely recommend The Digital Dentist!"

— Dr. Greg Grillo
Omak, WA